We are Margot & Lux, a women's slow fashion concept store based in Manchester City Centre’s iconic Northern Quarter.

Our philosophy at Margot & Lux is to prove that shopping vintage doesn’t have to mean looking like you’re in costume. Inspired by our favourite fictional muses Margot Tenenbaum and Lux Lisbon, our carefully curated collections fill a gap in the contemporary vintage market with high quality premium true vintage clothing that fits within a modern wardrobe. We aim to fulfil your need for an inclusive, true alternative to fast fashion by hand picking vintage timeless classics, statement pieces and one of a kind products from emerging and independent brands that make you gasp.

Meet Hollie, founder & Director of Margot & Lux.

After working in high street retail since she was 16 and reaching almost 15 years in the industry, Hollie took the plunge at the end of 2019 and pursued a lifelong dream of running her own business and finally using her Fashion History degree.

"At the end of 2019 I realised I had extreme burn-out from a high pressure and often toxic working environment. I'd always dreamed of working for myself and had so many ideas, a passion for vintage everything and a desire to do better. Working in high street retail was valuable in so many ways but ultimately the green-washing, terrible ethical choices and my poor mental health could no longer be ignored. I've never looked back!"

- Hollie, Founder & Director


We think of ourselves as a service, adding diversity to the Manchester shopping scene and a safe, inclusive space in which you can explore your style and shake off misconceptions about vintage clothing. If you’re forever hunting for incredible pieces but hate rummaging, you’re going to love us.

We're different to other vintage stores. We don't believe in piling things high and selling it cheap nor do we believe in slapping high price tags on our stock just because it's old. We lovingly restore, repair and clean our products to provide you with the best quality possible. For us, it's about proving that you can shop secondhand without compromising on taste or style.

We’re experts in retail and vintage clothing, with keen eyes for style and detail. We’re here to show you that shopping small and locally doesn’t have to break the bank, you deserve better than musty, stained and damaged vintage clothing. We strongly believe in curating high quality pieces that slot into a modern wardrobe with ease, so that you don’t have to rely on ethically ambiguous high street giants. 


Inspiration comes from everywhere and we pride ourselves on our buying and sourcing being based on what people need from us. We're price conscious, sensitive to fabrications and high quality materials and believe in longevity over quantity. We look to current trends, Instagram, cool people we know and vintage film & tv for inspiration but ultimately - we stock what we love and know you'll love too.

Margot & Lux is inspired by people with killer style, who don’t want to look like everyone else. We curate premium true vintage clothing alongside emerging independent brands because we want to provide a true alternative to fast fashion and give the feminine people of Manchester (and beyond) more conscious choices.